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 Strange bedroom!

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PostSubject: Strange bedroom!   Mon May 28 2007, 16:58


Today, new photos of the Big Brother Bedroom were released. This confirms the Oven in the bedroom rumours... UPDATED

BIG BROTHER is promising a summer of love with housemates sleeping four to a bed.

And the show's bosses hope their divan intervention will stop anyone falling out.

As well as two quad beds, there's another for a threesome, and just one single for the unlucky (or lucky) odd one out.

The barmy boudoir is just one of the ‘treats' that BB8 will be springing on the contestants in a bid to draw a line under the Celebrity Big Brother racist bullying row.

An insider said: "Contestants know that they'll have to share beds when they sign up for the show, but I don't think anyone expects that four will be squeezing in together.

"Everything that is put in the house is done for a reason and the beds are no different. The bosses hope that if nearly everyone has to share a bed, boundaries will disappear more quickly and it will help create sparks of romance.

"The producers are desperate for a love story and would be overjoyed if a couple spent the whole series having sex."

The raunchy recovery plan even meant producers selecting this year's contestants on the basis of their sexual compatibility.

Usually the line-up is picked to maximise conflict and tension, but this year, the bosses want to engineer a number of sexual firsts in the house.

They hope that the big beds could lead to the first Big Brother orgy and viewers will be stunned by a sexy lesbian or gay affair. The source said: "Previous series have always had some sort of love story and they want this one to be no different.

"They hope people will couple up and that the boredom of being locked in the house will lead to sex, sex and a bit more sex."

But contestants are likely to find the new BB house more of a turn-off.

There's elegant furniture. a luxury swimming pool with a sign warning it is wet, but nothing is where it should be.

The bathtub is situated in the bright pink living room so housemates will have to take a dip in front of everybody.

The fridge and freezer are in the garden, the sink in the living room and the cooker sunk into the bedroom wall!

And a red and white ‘hotspot' in the dining area will keep housemates on their toes.

Big Brother will order them to stand on the giant target—which has two cameras trained on it—to take part in a number of tasks throughout the series.

Cruel BB bosses are toying with the idea of using it for a round of ‘public' nominations—where every contestant must nominate rivals in full view of the others.

But they also plan to use it as an X Factor-style audition spot where housemates will sing or perform.

And it will also be a punishment area similar to Supernanny's ‘naughty step'.

A source said: "The hotspot is one of the key parts of the new house."

Nasty Big Brother has also decided to play mean.

For a start, tea and toast will become luxury items. Bread and tea bags will be kept in sight but out of reach, locked up in a transparent box.

So, what do you think of this? The hotspot? Cooker in the bedroom? 4 to a bed!!!!!

How about BB's ploy to get people to have sex? Do you think this will be good viewing or are they getting obsessed about what happened in CBB?

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Strange bedroom!
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