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 Really good night on saturday

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PostSubject: Really good night on saturday   Mon Jun 04 2007, 16:44

We went out with our lovely new neighbours on saturday night (which is why I haven't really been on since then lol)

Gemma got drunk before we even left lol so did Tom. We all got a cab (18!!!!!!! Madness! It's only 6 miles!!!) and got into town, when Lee and Gemma had a tiff and we split up.

Gemma and her friend ended up going off so I ended up with the lads lol.

We had a great time! Went to a pub with a brilliant band, who offered me a job!!! I've got to email them., but they really want me to play the keyboard for their band! How cool is that!!!!

On the way home, I had to take my shoes off, they were killing me! Lewe gave me a piggy back, while Tom ran off, and as we ran after him, Lee tripped and we went flying!

My arm is in agony now! lol He kept saying sorry but it was ok until this morning lol

I've not been out for ages and I really enjoyed it. Especially getting a job offer like that! It'll be so much fun, they play brilliant music, I'm really looking forward to it.

Obviously I'll have to get details first. If they regularly play in the day I can't do it Sad Hopefully it'll be nights all the way!

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: Re: Really good night on saturday   Mon Jun 04 2007, 19:09

Lmao at you falling flat on your face! lol

Sorry, shouldn't laugh but it is funny lol

How great you've been offered a job! My nights out are never than opportunistic! lol

Glad you had fun Gem, you deserve it after the last few months.
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Really good night on saturday
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