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Age : 34
Location : Rutland
Children : Cameron, nearly 4, Alyssa, 20 months
Interests/hobbies : Pretty much anything,Piano, knitting, reading, internet, my website and forum, and obviously my kids
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PostSubject: New!   New! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26 2007, 13:27


mums-r-us now have competitons!

They are, of course, free to enter, so you have nothing to lose!

There will be weekly, monthly and maybe daily competitions posted.

Enter to win a prize!

We have 3 values of prizes.

You'll get a level 1 prize for daily competitions, level 2 for weekly competitions and level 3 for monthly competition.

Each prize level is worth more than the last.

We will occasionally have a big competition, with a big prize!

You can also choose whether to receive a prize for yourself, or one for your children.

Plus, you can split prizes for more, but less expensive prizes (ie, if you win a level 2 prize, you can get 2 level 1 prizes instead). This would be great for people with more than one child if they would like to do that.

If you're a winner, please pm me with your address, and if you want a children's prize, please state the name (for a possible personalised gift), age and gender of each child so I can send a suitable prize.

I hope you enjoy the competitions!

Good luck to everyone!

Site admin.



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