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 Why men have it easy

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: Why men have it easy   Sat May 19 2007, 18:03

From top to bottom.....

If you have greasy hair, just put a cap on!

You don't get bad hair days.

You look fine without make-up.

Facial hair is not a bad thing.

A hickey is a cool thing, rather than a slag thing.

Chest hair isn't a bad thing.

Armpit hair is a necessity.

Your nipples are there for decoration, rather than for a human to suck and bite from (and we're not just talking babies!)

A beer belly looks ok on a man.

No waistline is no problem.

Your nether regions are associated with nothing but urinating and pleasure.

No need to spend ages shaving your legs.

Big feet are ok.

And that's just the physical side. Not enough time to go into the emotional side!
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PostSubject: Re: Why men have it easy   Sat May 19 2007, 18:56

Lmao! lol!

Site admin.

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Why men have it easy
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