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 Any Smokers???

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PostSubject: Any Smokers???   Fri Jun 29 2007, 18:57

Sunday is the 1st July and therefore smoking in public places will be banned!

For me, it's neither here nor there really as I don't smoke but how do you feel about it if you do?!Question

I did used to smoke in my "clubbing days" and can imagine pubs and clubs not being quite the same if you're a smoker but not allowed to smoke in those kind of places!Neutral

I bet clubs smell AWFUL even if they're not filled with cig smoke!puke

E xx

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Tantruming toddler
Tantruming toddler

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PostSubject: Re: Any Smokers???   Fri Jun 29 2007, 20:49

I hate the smell of tobacco and do not smoke
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Virgo Doll

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PostSubject: Re: Any Smokers???   Mon Jul 02 2007, 03:32

I officially gave up 2 weeks ago, I'd cut right down as I'm trying to TTC, and I miss it like heck! I don't think I realised quite how addicted I was.
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PostSubject: Re: Any Smokers???   

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Any Smokers???
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