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 Do children really cost that much?

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: Do children really cost that much?   Sun Jul 01 2007, 20:08

According to this

It costs 180,000 to raise a child!!! I highly doubt that.

Here are some figures from that article.

The cost of raising a child
Childcare - 49,092
Education - 46,778
Food - 16,002
Clothing - 12,352
Holidays - 11,086
Hobbies & Toys - 9,592
Babysitting - 9,232
Leisure and Recreation - 6,896
Pocket money - 5,518
Furniture - 2,201
Other - 11,388
Total - 180,137

Now that to me, is totally wrong for the average person.

We don't pay childcare, as dh is a sahd, same as a lot of couples where the mother stays at home. I doubt childcare would come to that anyway!

How on earth does education cost 46k?

I would never spend 9k on babysitting, I don't know how that's worked out either!

And what is 'other'?

The rest are closer, but still above what is actually costs.

So, according to this, people with 2 children will be spending a whopping 360k raising their children?!?!?! That's 20k a year! I know a lot of people don't even earn that a year, let alone spend it just on their kids!

So, is this accurate for you? How do you think they come up with this?
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PostSubject: Re: Do children really cost that much?   Sun Jul 01 2007, 20:25

That's rubbish! lol My dp only earns 13k a year, andw e've got a mortgage of 5k a year, rent of 1.5k a year, so that leaves about 6.5k a year to live on, whic includes bills and food and petrol etc, so we probably don't even spend 1k on them both!

Now I'm on my own, I don't have any income, so I certainly won't be spending that much! lol

I think babies and pre-school children are sooo cheap! After the initial outlay of prams, cots etc, it's only a pack of nappies, and baby milk or extra shopping every week.

Clothes from tesco, asda or primark. That's it really.

Once they hit school, there'll be uniforms, maybe after-school fees, trips out, bigger presents etc, but still no where near 10k per year per child!

No idea where they get this sort of info from. Mut only survey upper-class people me thinks.

Site admin.

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Tantruming toddler
Tantruming toddler

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PostSubject: Re: Do children really cost that much?   Mon Jul 02 2007, 15:58

I dont think so, I spend a lot on my kids but not that much never
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PostSubject: Re: Do children really cost that much?   

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Do children really cost that much?
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