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 My poor baby

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My poor baby Empty
PostSubject: My poor baby   My poor baby Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05 2007, 01:08

Cameron really isn't taking this well at all. Sad

I went to my mums earlier, so Tom wasn't going to come round today, but his mum wanted to talk to me, to ask how me and the kids were so he had to bring his mobile round.

Obviously then, after the kids had seen him, it would have been unfair to just go again, so he stayed for about 10 minutes.

When he was about to leave, Cameron broke down and started crying, saying 'I want to go with you', 'I want you to stay'. Sad

I told them to go into the hall so they could have a little chat on their own. He told him he'll see him tomorrow, and he'll be staying at nanna's (Tom's mums) on friday and so is he so he'll see him then.

He was still really upset, and as soon as he left he started crying again. Saying he wanted to go with his daddy, he wanted to see his daddy, he didn't want to see him tomorrow. Sad

Poor baby. My heart broke for him. He went to bed not long after that, and I stayed in his room for about half an hour chatting to him, trying to get anything out of him that could help.

He didn't really mention Tom then, just once that he wanted to see him. I told him I miss my daddy (in heaven) and the rest of the conversation was based around going to heaven and not being able to back. I left really upset and crying, not only because my son is obviously hurting and I can't do anything to help him, but also because it made me miss my dad more than ever.

I feel like such a crap mum putting him through this. Sad

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My poor baby

My poor baby

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My poor baby
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