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 In the day.....

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: In the day.....   Sat May 19 2007, 18:19

We go to the park most days, and now and again toddler groups.

I don't really like them, as they're full of perfect mummies and I don't feel I can talk to them freely.

At the weekend, we often go out for the day, different places every time.

I find it best with young children, to do a lot of things that last under an hour, rather than a few things that take all day.

Mine love their days out on the weekend, but by the time we get home they're ratty, and they expect to do something big the nest day too. lol
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PostSubject: Re: In the day.....   Sat May 19 2007, 19:48

I agree with that. Mine tend to get tired or hyper if we're in one place for too long lol.

I tend to go to the park for half and hour, back for something to eat, then a toddler group or swimming or something.

I know what you mean about the yummy mummies! Laughing

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In the day.....
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