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 Singles doing background checks on new partners

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PostSubject: Singles doing background checks on new partners   Thu Jul 05 2007, 23:54

What do you think of this? Not sure if it's actually in practice or it's just an idea at the minute.

I think it's a great idea. I've just started thinking about this myself. My friend signed me up for a dating site (I know! lol) and I've had a few emails already! One said he didn't mind women with children, and he'd look forward to joining the family with the right person.

It made me think, why did he say that? I think it's a bit suspicious if they mention it in their profile. He's probably fine, but I couldn't help think he's looking for something more than a woman iyswim.

So, I'd like to take advantage of this, and I don't think I'd be able to relax unless I knew my new man was clear.

What do you think?

p.s,if anyone knows how to find this out, please let me know! I'm getting set up al over the place! lol

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PostSubject: Re: Singles doing background checks on new partners   Sat Sep 29 2007, 10:15

yea i think you should do it so that you no who you are going to be meeting and to see if they have got a violent past.
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PostSubject: Re: Singles doing background checks on new partners   Thu Nov 27 2008, 15:49

hmmm i'm not sure on this one, of course it would have to work both ways for men to check the women out too, but how far is to far? I don't think i'd like it if people go snooping about me behind my back, I'd be angry & hurt too. But i do understand why some sort of check would be a good idea so i'm in 2 minds about this one.
Even a background check does not fully rule out your potential partner of being a dimebar, but would relax your mind i guess somewhat. I just think if some bloke starts routing around searching for info on me i would not be interested in him at all to be snooping about in my life is rude & cheeky & invasive. I've nothing to hide don't get me wrong but we have to look at this both ways too.
It would depend how intrusive the checks were.
So i'm alittle unsure on this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Singles doing background checks on new partners   

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Singles doing background checks on new partners
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