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 REALLY bad day! :(

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PostSubject: REALLY bad day! :(   Fri Jul 13 2007, 13:52

And it's still morning!

Go Cameron to school today and handed out the invites for his birthday party next week. Turns out half the people I invited are no longer there, and I've missed loads, so I had to go through the register and change half of them! So much for trying to make everything perfect! Scribbled out words on the invites before the party is even sorted!

The main 'teacher' there gave me Cameron's creative booklet and his progress report. Really pleased with the creative folder. He's never been too good at drawing (although he's no even 4 yet!) but he's drawn faces and people that look great! Was a little sad for him when I saw the one he did recently. Cameron and daddy. Sad Bless him. But that was good overall.

Now! The progress report! Peed off is an understatement. It said he has had a lot of absences (he doesn't go on thursdays, and they've added those days as absent days!), he doesn't intergrate well, and he got a 'disappointing' on his report because.....get this....he can't WRITE 1-5, and can only read his name, and a few others.

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! He's not even 4 yet! He'll be the youngest one in the entire school, yet they're judging him based on everyone else, who are all almost a year older than him.

How on earth can they expect a 4 year old (actually 3, since most of the report was done in the last 6 months) to write 1 through 5 accurately, and be able to read more than aroud 7 words? I don't agree with that anyway. He always reads really well with me. He'll read a whole book perfectly, and altough I know most of it is from memory, which is still great, I often point to a word and he'll tell me what it is (was, in, her, my, dog, cat, of, a etc) but that doesn't seem to count.

They only write these things when they 'test' them on the spot. So it seems to me they interrupted his fun to tell him to read something, he didn't, so they say he can't.

Am I right to be peed off here, or is he really behind? I really don't thin he is. I don't think he's being challenged enough. Everyone who has met him will describe him, first and foremost, as clever. He's always been advanced, which is why I'm putting him in school this year rather than next, so to be told he's actually behind has left me fuming and confused.

I know they're doing something wrong, as they even said he couldn't form proper sentences! EVERYONE knows that is utter cr@p! He's been talking in sentences since he was 2. He's always been an excellent talker, and talks the same as a 5 or 6 year old does, so just from that I know I'm not completely out of the loop here.

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Tantruming toddler
Tantruming toddler

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PostSubject: Re: REALLY bad day! :(   Fri Jul 13 2007, 18:00

Dear oh dear take it easy love. there is nothing wrong with you kid its their way of thinking.... i dont understand this as well...a 3 year old ?????????
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PostSubject: Re: REALLY bad day! :(   Tue Jul 17 2007, 16:00

Sweetheart....I'm sorry, another post I'd not spotted! Rolling Eyes

Have you had chance to speak with Cameron's teacher?.....I think that's what I'd do were it Jack or Lily just to point out exactly as you have on here.

E xxxx

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PostSubject: Re: REALLY bad day! :(   

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REALLY bad day! :(
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