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 Camerons birthday, sports day and dating!

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Camerons birthday, sports day and dating! Empty
PostSubject: Camerons birthday, sports day and dating!   Camerons birthday, sports day and dating! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18 2007, 23:56

Well, Cameron got waaaay more than I expected. The living room is full of new stuff. He took a cake to pre-school with him yesterday for everyone to share, and came back with a lovely card from them all.

Tom came round at about 7, and only stayed for about half an hour (yep, fuming at him) but Cameron was having too much fun to notice lol.

I've had the entertainer cancel on me, so I'm desperately trying to find someone for saturday! If anyone knows anyone who can get to rutland that would be great! lol

He's got a paty at his pre-school on saturday for all his friends, then one on sunday round my mums too! Two parties, two cakes, two lots of games/presents etc! He'll love it!

He also had sports day today! He got a bronze certificate! It was so cute! He won the running backwards race, and dropped the egg in the egg and spoon race twice before it even started! lol Didn't drop it again though, just went really slow.

I'm so proud of him,! Even though he didn't get a winners badge (gold) or win many, he was so happy and had a great time/ I'm so glad he's a good loser. I'd rather have a happy bronze winner than a gold winner thinking they're better and feel they have to win.

So I'm very happy today (apart from the entertainer problem!)

Oh, and someone signed me up to a dating website (it wasn't any of you was it?????), no idea who, but I've had tonnes of interest!

Chatting to someone in Grantham at the minute who seems nice, although he is a bit older than me!

Don't know if I'll ever meet up with someone online, but it's nice to know I'm still getting plenty of attention! lol

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Camerons birthday, sports day and dating!

Camerons birthday, sports day and dating!

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Camerons birthday, sports day and dating!
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