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 potato pancakes

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Tantruming toddler

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PostSubject: potato pancakes   potato pancakes Icon_minitimeSun Aug 05 2007, 10:02

Peel and wash medium sized potatoes 10 will make, and then grate them on the fine side of the grater. They need to be grated finely to get the correct texture.
Then add a whole egg to the mixture and about half to one cup of flour. Mix this well. If you want to make savoury pancakes then add a little salt, otherwise leave it as it is if you are going to be using them with sweet spreads or toppings.
Consistency should be like that of medium thick porridge. If it is too thin add some more flour, if it is too thick add another egg and mix well.
Heat about half a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan and put a large spoon of the mixture into the centre (once the frying pan is hot) and spread quickly to make a smooth circle on the pan. If you have put too much onto the pan you should be able to scrape some of it off the top off the pancake. It is best to keep the pancakes fairly thin to get a nice crispy result. After a couple of minutes flip the pancake over to cook the other side.and done.
They go very well with jams and preserves if you like them sweet. Or for savoury, you could add some mince or cheese.
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potato pancakes
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