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 TV. Neglectful or educational?

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: TV. Neglectful or educational?   Sat May 19 2007, 21:31

What do you think?

Does TV ruin your kids, make them lazy and unintelligent?

Or is it another educational piece of equipment, there to help your children learn about the world, how to read, count etc?

Do you think there is a point where children can watch too much TV?
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Cutie baby
Cutie baby

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PostSubject: Re: TV. Neglectful or educational?   Tue May 22 2007, 12:53

I think an hour or two a day can be good for them. Mine have learned a lot from tv, on top of what they learn with me.

Any longer than that I think is wrong. It's just a machine, they shouldn't be sat infront of it all day long.

I know far too many children who do that (or rather parents that let them) and none of them are bright, they all have trouble making friends, and are badly behaved.
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TV. Neglectful or educational?
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