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 New neighbours

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PostSubject: New neighbours   Tue May 22 2007, 14:54

Well, when we moved here, we had awful neighbours. They played loud music at 3am, teased the dog making her bark all the time now, scratched our car, chucked fag packets in the garden, blame us for putting wet tissue in their letter box (I'd have done something better than that if I wanted to lol) etc

Basically, they were awful. They finally moved out at the end of april, and new neighbours are now in.

They are lovely! We've all got so much in common already. We've been sitting outside in the front garden the past 3 nights just chatting, while the kids run in and out both of our houses and play with their toys.

The lady's name is Gemma too, a little bit older than me, loves drawing like me, and is looking inot child minding or nursing like me!

Her partner is my age, and is a welder, like my dp, loves the same sort of music we like and has just applied for a job where my dp works, so that will save on petrol.

They have 3 children, all girls. The middle one is just a bit younger than Cameron and they get on great! They go to the same pre-school, and they're trying to get her into the school Cameron is going to in september.

It'll be lovely watching them grow up together. The youngest one is 6 months, so in a year or so, Alyssa and her can play together too. The older one loves Alyssa so she's got a friend there anyway.

I'm really pleased we get on so well with them, and we've only been chatting to them for 2-3 days!

Very Happy

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Teenage tearaway
Teenage tearaway

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PostSubject: Re: New neighbours   Sun May 27 2007, 19:56

I'm really pleased for you Gem. It's so nice having neighbours you get on well with.

Even better your children will have life long friends.
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New neighbours
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